Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sex and the Streetz.....“You Don’t Know My Name”

By ShaHayes

“You Don’t Know My Name”

Summer is coming to a close and it feels good to get in my ride and roll the windows down just enough to feel the warm breeze. A cruise around the block is nothing without some hot tunes, I turned the radio on and the sounds of my jam came bellowing out of my speakers… “Baby, Baby, Babeee”. Riding down the road blasting the hot Alicia Keys song, I thought about the lyrics in her song. In an old school feel, Alicia sings about a man she has an attraction to and she contemplates saying something to him, not knowing if he will reciprocate her feelings. This song made me wonder if the expectation of a man approaching a woman has become a thing of the past. Should women start approaching men and asking for their phone numbers and taking them out on dates? Has the millennium created a new wave of courting or has this been something that has been going on long before Alicia Keys made it so sound so good her in hit “You Don’t Know my name?” Should women start riding down the road yelling out to men, “hey baby, wassup I like the way you move? Will men now start expecting women to pick up the tab or buy them drinks at the club?

Asia, a twenty-nine year old Administrative Assistant said, “What happened to the romance? It’s like you have to approach a man or send a drink over to get their attention. I don’t like it. I believe that men are intimated by independent women and they are afraid to approach us, so we have to make that extra effort.” Women are also taking on a new approach at dating and proposing marriage to men. Have women given men this indication of dating that they can lower their efforts because they think women no longer want to be courted? The other night I was out at restaurant with a few friends and a man walked over to talk to me and after exchanging a few words, he gave me his card and told me to call him. I returned the exchange with my card and said, “Give me a call.” He replied that he would not call me, and that I needed to call him. I explained to him that I would like to be courted and he said that I am not going to chase you. After laughing inside for a minute, I told him that unless he called me, then we would never speak. He then replied well, give me my card back. I extended my hand to give him his card and he looked down at it and said, “No keep it you might change your mind.” George a thirty-year-old Music Producer said, “It makes you appreciate a woman more, when she pays the bill or at least makes the effort. I believe that the women who are asking men out or proposing are those types of women who are not waiting for a man to make the first move. I believe that women want to show men that times has changed and that they are not Cinderella. But with all that said, I do believe it is man’s job to treat a woman like a queen.”



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