Friday, January 21, 2005

The People’s Radio....Freemix Radio Editorial

By Jared Ball of

A lot of people are now talking about politics. In the Hip-Hop world it seems like everyone has something to say. But most of the discussion is absent of honesty, history or understanding. Organized Community of United People (COUP) created FreeMix Radio: The Original Mixtape Radio Show ( to address this reality. The following is an excerpt from our statement on politics which itself is an updated version of the agenda adopted in 1972 at the Gary, Indiana Black Political Convention. We offer it as a supportive challenge to those currently dominating the discussion of politics.
“A Black* political movement, indeed all progressive movements, must begin from this truth: The current system does not work for the majority of its people, and it cannot be made to work without radical fundamental change. Indeed, this system does not work in the favor of the humanity of anyone, the world over. In the light of such realities, we push for the eventual establishment of an independent, national political party, which will implement the Black* Agenda. Until that time we will continue to steadfastly assure that political leaders are challenged to vigorously represent the people and to use their positions to defend the interests of those they have been elected to represent. We must address “leaders” who sacrifice our rights and freedoms for personal gain just as we must watch for those who are sent to lead us right to our own downfall. Out of political naiveté, we have followed the path of political dependence on the white men and their systems. From the Liberty Party in the decades before the Civil War to the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, we trusted in white men and white politics as our deliverers. Sixty years ago, W.E.B. DuBois said he would give the democrats their “last chance” to prove their sincere commitment to equality for Black* people – and he was given white riots and official segregation in peace and in war. Nevertheless, some twenty years later we became Democrats in the name of Franklin Roosevelt, then supported his successor Harry Truman, and even tried a “non-partisan” Republican General of the Army named Eisenhower. We were wooed like many others by the superficial liberalism of John F. Kennedy and the make believe populism of Lyndon Johnson. We expressed our “Americanism” by casting a vote for the “so-called first African-American president,” William Jefferson Clinton, a white southerner, and the former governor of one of our nation’s poorest and most segregated states. Finally, we create and support “Black” candidates for office and political appointees to high level positions based solely on skin-color ignoring their political views. This blind allegiance to the current two party system in the United States has reduced the African-American vote to a state of irrelevancy. Our political acquiescence has led only to the further degradation of our communities.
Let us never forget that while the times and the names and the parties have continually changed, one truth has faced us consistently, never changing; the American political system, like all other white supremacist institutions in America, was designed to operate for the benefit of the white race: It was never meant to do anything else. That is the truth we must face. If white “liberalism” could have solved our problems, then Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Clinton would have done so. But they did not solve our problems or the problems of rest of the nation. The “American Way” has failed. Despite claims by the current un-elected president, September 11, 2001 was not a result of “them” hating “our freedoms” but rather it was a response to the lack of freedom imposed on the rest of the world by the United States government and its' foreign policy initiatives. We must realize that Bill Clinton, under the guise of “liberalism,” represented the worst of corporate greed and public manipulation through empty rhetoric and deception. By pushing through The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the Clinton Administration revealed their true lack of concern for working people the world over and for “nationhood.” Business before flags has always been the case in the United States of America and these latest maneuvers are but the most recent forms. We can no longer allow mere words, smiles and skin-color to confuse us into thinking that politicians concerns are the people’s concerns. If we have never faced it before, let us face it now: The profound crisis of Black* people the world over and the disaster of America are not simply caused by men and women nor will they be solved by women and men alone. These crises are the crises of flawed economics and politics, and of the cultural degradation. No candidate for political office – regardless of their vague promises to us or to their white constituencies – can solve the problems of this country without radically changing the systems by which it operates.”

*For more on our expanded definition of “Black” and our attempts at generating solutions to these problems please visit


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