Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Jim Jones Interview

By: Pharoh Talib

“They say patience is a virtue and the best things come to those who wait!” Jim starts.

August 24, 2004 marks the day that Jim Jones a.k.a. “Capo.” co-CEO releases his long-awaited, solo, debut album, On my way to Church. Streetz was able to catch up with Jim Jones as he briefly came to DC on a promotional tour. Although Capo, along with the rest of the Harlem Diplomats have been on the mixtape scene for years, it took a long time for him to officially release his debut, solo album. So what were the reasons why it took so long for Jim Jones to step further into the limelight and release an album? Business and a lot of red tape! If fans were waiting for Jim Jones to sign with Rocafella and release an album, we would still be waiting. Jim Jones recently signed with Koch Records; the venture between Capo and Koch Records consist of services, which include marketing support and distribution.

Streetz: The name of your drink is Purple Sizzurp, what was the driving force behind you starting a drink?

Jim Jones: I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I didn’t have any plans of seeking no business in liquor, I was just presented with the opportunity and I was witty enough to have the drink and to have the proper idea for the drink.

Streetz: There were some people opposing the release of your drink, like Minister Paul Scott. Did you have any other opposition?

Jim Jones: No. That’s the minister’s job. I hope he would boycott Seagram’s, Hennessey and Remy Martin like he wants to boycott my drink. I’m just a black man trying to make a dollar, smell me. I’m trying to be and entrepreneur. I don’t force no liquor down nobody’s throat but that’s just business.

Streetz: You have a club in Houston, how is that working out?

Jim Jones: The club in Houston, I had to shut down for a little while. I don’t know if I’ll open it back up but it worked out pretty good and I had a ball while I was doing it.

Streetz: on entrepreneurship, DC was named second best city for a black person to live in or start a business. Do you have any plans to bring any business to D.C. (being that this is Chocolate City)?

Jim Jones: I didn’t have any plans; D.C. is not one of the cities that I frequent as much as other city so I really don’t know what the demographics of what’s going on here. But I’m a money maker so, if there is money involved and there is a good opportunity for me to make some profit then shit I’m setting up in D.C. too, you know what I mean!

Streetz: With so many artists releasing clothing lines, shoe lines Cam is releasing a hat with New Era; do you have any plans to start your own clothing line?

Jim Jones: Um, yea we got a clothing line, me and Cam. Me and Cam got a clothing line; Cam’s my partner in everything that you see from him, me or Juelz. So the hat was designed by me. So everything that goes on, we go hard! We got the clothing line; we got the Sizzurp we got a couple of other things that I don’t want people to know that I own. We do a lot of things.

Streetz: Let’s talk about you album; the name is on my way to church and its due drop the 24th, so how does it feel to finally drop your album?

Jim Jones: They say patience is a virtue and the best things come to those who wait, you understand. With the waiting there is a lesson also; it’s a blessing now. It feels good to say I finally have my album out. I did what a lot of people said that I couldn’t do, you know what I mean, so I’m content.

Streetz: You played to business role for so long; what made you step further into the limelight and begin to rap?

Jim Jones: Um, I always was doing music but, I was never that real hard up about it because I wanted Cam for him to pop off properly and he went to Rocafella and had platinum success. Then we got our label, and Juelz got hot, and we did Juelz album, and then it was time for me to start to dig and work on my rap career now. I had stepped to a couple of majors with the price I felt I deserved, they wasn’t feelin’ me so I gave them my ass to kiss! And I went and got myself hot and, with that, in turn me and Cam said that we would do something different for the game as far as New York. And we did like Lil Jon and them do down South and we stepped to Koch and we got our numbers and it’s a beautiful thing! We took our knowledge from the majors and bring it over there to Koch and all they knowledge and business of what they do and how they operate it just worked out.

Streetz: So what is the feel of the album, is there any particular feel, is it all over the place?

Jim Jones: If you know my music, I like to categorize as Ryder Music, you know what I mean. I’m from the big city where it never sleeps, and everybody is always moving, you dig.

Streetz: Who’s on the album, any collabos?

Jim Jones: TI, Lil’ Flip, Bun B, Bizzy Bone, Chico Debarge, the whole Diplomat family Cam, Juelz, J R Writer, Bezel.

Streetz: Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to with?

Jim Jones: Tupac, Biggie and Easy E.

Streetz: With that being said, I heard what happened on the radio (Hot 97)?

Jim Jones: What happened over the radio?

Streetz: Well, through the grapevine, I heard that you called in. You called in first while Mase was on the Morning Show, then Cam called in but I wanted to get it from the horse’s mouth because I wasn’t able to hear it. So what happened what went down?

Jim Jones: Um, nothing, just the Reverend was talking a little reckless on the radio. I can’t have my name slandered so I had to call up and tell the people some of the truths about the lies that he was saying and the media took it out of proportion for me to use it as a publicity stunt but it was just me being me, you know what I mean. I don’t like to feel like my back is against the wall cause I know how to do is fight. But that was also a nigga I once knew so I just approached the minister, just to let him know, smell me, its not that sweet. You aren’t going to just disappear for five years and come back and try to discredit us for what we have been doing.

Streetz: And with that being said, how do you feel about your album and his album being released on the same day, the 24th?

Jim Jones: Um, the slogan is truth from the thug, the lies from a preacher. August 24, on my way to church. The decision is yours. So, I am not really tripping, smell me!

Streetz: So how are things on the home front? How’s Freaky? How’s Hell Rell?

Jim Jones: Hell Rell just came home this past week, Friday the 13th. Freaky Zeeky is on a bit of a vacation. He’ll be home in a minute though. And the whole family the whole Dip Set is doing good.

Streetz: And my last question, what does the future hold for Jim Jones?

Jim Jones: Um, I don’t know, whatever it is Jim is willing to do. Right now I am stuck in this rap game. Trying to make my music trying to make the people feel me. It’s been a lot of people misleading my niggas in the hood and my youth coming up. They are glamorizing the wrong things. I know we all came up hard but you know!


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