Wednesday, January 05, 2005


By Ms. Tibbs

During an interview on New York’s Hot 97 Mase, Jim Jones and Cam got in a heated debate, questioning Mase’s authenticity. On air, Mase recalled the cause of his split with Cam. The incident began when Mase claimed he offered to split a $50,000 fee for appearing in Cam’s 1998 hit “Horse-n-Carriage,” instead of him doing the song for free. Jones called the show enraged. "I will do it to you duke," Jones said. " I don't like you. You shouldn't have came out your mouth. I'll put some dentures in your mouth. Go back down south with your congregation. Tell the truth. For you to sit there and are a reverend.” Jones also charged that Mase left the game due to pressures from individuals in Harlem who extorted him. Mase eventually gathered himself and denied the charges that he was forced out of Harlem. Mase explained that he had already purchased land in Atlanta and was planning to move. Continuing, he stated, that after a close friend was stabbed, he headed down south and that it had nothing to do with cats forcing him to leave. “People grow up, I don’t have time for that,” Mase said. “[During commercial break] I was praying for Jimmy, I love them dudes. It’s just sad when people don’t understand.” Cam called in shortly afterwards, questioning Mase’s motives for returning to the rap game. “I’m just not into the lies I'm into the truth and that’s it. The only thing you did was took me to counseling, you broke out on everybody and left. That’s what you do, you did it before and you’re gonna do it again,” Cam stated on air. “I’m not a chump like that. [Mase], tell them how you called me and asked me to do an album last week,” Cam told Mase. Cam even called Mase a fraud and said that he had a tape of one of Mase’s sermons, where he said rap music “is the devil.” “You’re a reverend lying. I was there," Cam said. "You said rap is the devil at your speeches in church. I got it on tape…and [now] you’re rapping [again],” he said. “The reverend is up there lying. I wish you the best of luck, stop lying.” Mase rebutted, calling them thin-skinned. Mase did admit to Cam's accusations surrounding his statements about rap but said, “When I think about how the people need what I have to say [I changed my view]. It’s just like money.


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